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The Story of a Deaf Serial Killer

 By McCay Vernon & Marie Vernon

 Patrick McCullough was a strikingly handsome deaf man with a winning personality and endearing charm. He was adept at using his deafness to attract people to him, especially women sympathetic to his inability to communicate. But his incendiary temper and inability to accept rejection destroyed his relationships and ultimately led to murder.

Even after two killings,  McCullough was able to ingratiate himself with the court and served only seven years in prison. Once freed, he resumed his pattern of sweetness and mayhem. The women who were initially drawn to him found themselves being stalked and abused. Ultimately, his possessive rage culminated in a crescendo of violence.

Harold Schechter, Editor of True Crime, an American Anthology, says: “While avoiding any hint of exploitation…Deadly Charm is as gripping and unputdownable as any crime thriller. …a sensitive and penetrating case history, conjuring to life the fascinating, frightening, ultimately tragic being at its center, a unique figure in the dark ranks of American serial killers.”

In Deadly Charm, Florida-based forensic psychologist McCay Vernon and journalist Marie Vernon present a compelling story about the only deaf man identified as a serial killer. McCay Vernon’s personal encounters with Patrick as the young deaf man wove his way through schools, institutions and prison adds authenticity to this psychological probe of a man with a volcanic anger and an inability to accept rejection.   As in their previous work, Deadly Lust, (Kensington Publishers, 2005)  the co-authors weave a chilling and compelling tale.

Deadly Charm is available through Gallaudet University Press, and book stores

Gallaudet University Press, publisher. ISBN 1-56368-443-8, 978-1-56368-443-2, 5-1/2 X 8-1/2 paperback, 248 pages. $14.95

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